Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sen. Ensign: "Extreme Care was taken..." during Torture. Another Compassionate Conservative?

Just how low will the Republican Party go? They are now defending torture. I wish I were kidding. Watch Sen. John Ensign successfully avoid the word "torture," state unequivocally that any "Democrat" study can't be believed like the more reliable nonpartisan Republican studies and ignore the elaborate research data all in the name of protecting the American public. As one member of the "American public," I find it insulting to have to listen to this condescending Neanderthal.

One thing to think about: If "enhanced interrogation techniques" are not considered torture, what would stop some future Republican administration from "not torturing" Americans in our own country while investigating robberies, public protests and corruption?

Maybe this will be the issue their rabid base can finally get behind to recruit more disenfranchised Americans who are forming, as we speak, new kinds of anti-American/Democratic militia groups to take back their country. This is the same base of flag wavers who believe the democratic voting process unfairly took control of government away them, just as everything started to collapse around their failed ideologically driven system. A system they say they can now fix with the exact same tax cuts and deregulation. They truly are in a Bizarro World.

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