Friday, April 24, 2009

Republicans Reinstate Litmus Tests, Adopt the same Prerequisite Democrats were Criticized for Using.

Without even a hint of ironic reflection, Republicans and anti-abortion groups now fully support a litmus test for government positions. What wasn’t fair one minute is now completely okay with the flip-flop right wing crowd of hypocrites. According to the Capital Times:

The state Senate confirmed three of Gov. Jim Doyle's appointees to state boards despite opposition from anti-abortion advocates and Republicans ... Opponents argued they should not be allowed to serve because all three support abortion rights.

But then we have the usual Democrat who shoots himself in the foot by making the zealot right appear to have a shred of credibility.

…retired businessman Roger Axtell of Janesville voted with nine other members in February to approve a plan to perform late-term abortions at a Madison clinic ... Axtell said (Republican) state Sen. Glenn Grothman’s opposition was expected. "I can't blame them for taking a strong stand. They have very strong moral and ethical beliefs."

Odd Mr. Axtell, I would have thought that “choice” offered the stronger moral and ethical argument.

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