Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Tangled Mind and Twisted Logic of the Incompetent Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker

This guy could be our next governor! Look out Wisconsin.

Scott Walker’s recent appearance on Madison's WTDY 1670, with morning show host Sly, turned up some interesting contradictions.

Walker: “I held the line 7 straight budgets, I’m not raising taxes.”
FACT: True, he let the county board override his veto to pay the county bills.
Walker: “I finished off the year with a surplus.”
FACT: “Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on Monday called for cutting
spending in every county department by 3% this year to offset a projected $14
million year-end budget shortfall.”-Jsonline. Surpluses Scott…?
Walker: “in an interview said layoffs and furloughs of workers should be considered. Nearly half the county budget goes toward salaries and benefits, and finding the necessary saving will be difficult if those are untouched.”-Jsonline. “Walker hasn't released a counterproposal. But he said government should be cut more, including freezing or lowering state employees' salaries and looking at increasing workers' health and retirement costs.”-Forbes.
FACT: Walker would slash jobs, cut pay and make employees pay more out of their
checks for healthcare and retirement, in a time of record unemployment and tight
family budgets, making the economy even worse.
Walker: Sly asked Walker about Gov. Bobby Jindal’s winning offer to pay to move a Wisconsin company to Louisianna and build their new facility for them. Whether that was contrary to Walker’s free market rhetoric. “If we had a natural disaster in any given community … yea you should come in and try and help get a community back on it’s feet again and get it working again. And I think in a time like now, with the economy such as it is, it’s almost like a natural disaster. Government odes need to step in and help, certainly step up, actually get on the phone, get face to face, talk to these officials and fin away to keep ‘em here.”
FACT: Walker just said it’s okay to spend taxpayer dollars to move a private company and build their facility for them if that’s what it takes to compete with other states, a dramatically hypocritical position to take for a free market Republican and an idea that might just meet some public outrage.
Walker: “…belt-tightening is needed because of the recession. Cutting 3%, or $3.6 million, from Sheriff David Clarke Jr.'s budget would be "quite a challenge, said Inspector Kevin Carr. "Every year, we have been asked to submit a leaner budget, and at some point, there's nothing left" to cut. –Jsonline.
FACT: Cutting law enforcement budgets doesn’t necessarily make the public safer,
does it. It will slow response times and add to the NRA’s demands for a concealed carry law to make up for the shortfall.
Walker: On tying his wagon to Sen. Russ Feingold, Democrat: “We’ve showed how we’ve connected.”

Walker: On concealed carry: “The last people I want carrying, are people who are carrying today are criminals … the people that are carrying right now don’t care about the law.”
FACT: Ironic actually, the people carrying right now illegally are concealed carry and open carry supporters. Every advocate I’ve ever met is packing heat, breaking the law, a law they don’t agree with. Are they the criminals Walker is talking about?

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