Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are Conservative Radio Talk Hosts Economic Know-it-all's? Dobbs Thinks So.

I used to watch Lou Dobbs everyday for consumer and labor news. Dobbs garnered incredible interest for his pro labor stand and anti-Bush labor policy. But now that the labor friendly Democrats are in office, oddly, Dobbs rhetoric hasn't changed one bit. And even more striking, considering his show is on a major news network like CNN, his guests are starkly right wing partisans. There is no attempt to give the appearance of balance.

If you've ever wondered where the "ditto heads" get there "other talking points," check out the brain trust of conservative talkers, and their uninformed philosophical non-solutions. Remember, most of these radio guys didn't have the education or talent to get a job anywhere else but radio, and I say that as someone who worked in the media trenches for 28 years. It's odd no one asks these geniuses what qualifies them to offer their advice on worldwide news shows.

What is clear, their message: Labor and poor home owners brought down the worlds economies. Their once touted "ownership society," stressing home buying and a strong real estate market, was a bubble solely created to make the Bush tax cuts look like they were working. Real estate held up the market for 6 years until the bubble burst. Having been in real estate myself, I can still remember all the warnings. But Wall Street ruled the day and fed off the false promise the market for mortgages would last forever. This clip shows just how vapid and reckless these radio numskulls have become. It also shows Dobbs encouraging this rabid exchange of ideas as if poison like this is just what the doctor ordered.

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