Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Man Who Would Be Governor, Scott Walker: “You’ve got to earn your right to govern. I’ve earned it.”

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is a huckster.

His record is documented on this blog (search: Scott walker), as an irresponsible fraud and rigid ideologue. He’s a lazy privateer, who’ll let the private sector raise the price of service to his constituents, leaving his own record deceptively clean. He’s vetoed county budgets, just so he could get the county board to override his veto, freeing him from taking responsibility for any tax increases.

He’s run social service programs into the ground, declining food aid, child care and medical assistance programs, forcing the state to step in and take control of the programs. He’s proposed a gimmicky sales tax holiday, tone deaf to the economic fear people have during this depression, to get consumers to spend money they’re not inclined to spend.

And like most Republicans in this state, he's ready to tell the rest of the country just how bad it is here. With a slogan like, "Believe in Wisconsin Again," how could you not give people and businesses a bad impression. God I hate snake oil salesmen.

Republican Scott Walker promised to take the state in a new direction of "limited government, economic growth and personal freedom" during one of five stops he made today to officially announce his gubernatorial campaign with a sign reading "Believe in Wisconsin Again." "After six years in office Gov. Jim Doyle says he's not responsible for our current problems. I disagree," Walker said.

Walker also blames Gov. Doyle for not predicting the future, despite the fact that no one else saw the economic crash coming…

“Walker said Doyle ignored the "looming crisis" and continued to spend too much. Walker said he is supportive of parental involvement in education and having quality, affordable health care through “market based solutions.”

Code for: Private school vouchers and the expansion of the private sector health insurance debacle we have in place now.

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