Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Clear Channel Radio Host in Two Markets Promoting Tea Party Claims "Grass Roots" Protest?

My former WIBA radio partner Vicki McKenna, now a midday host in Milwaukee and afternoon drive host in Madison, admits she was in the middle of the "grass roots" tea party effort. By grass roots, I mean a daily effort by her and her employer Clear Channel, to organize and promote in the two major media markets in Wisconsin a manufactured outrage that could have been easily organized before Bush's second presidential term (oddly it wasn't). That doesn't even include the other syndicated conservative talk hosts like Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Rielly pumped into each and every local radio stick in the state and country. Now that's grass roots. Personally and professionally, it's difficult to see anyone so consistently wrong rewarded so lavishly. How wrong? Like this blathering inconsistency:

McKenna: The people that were there were Democrats and Independents...

When just a few moments later:

McKenna: Republicans tend to be more amenable to messages of fiscal responsibility and accountability. So naturally you're going to see some of those people there...we would have loved to have some Democrats there who are interested in fiscal responsibility and government accountability.

Make up your mind, were Democrats there or not? And oh by the way, the conservative myth of fiscal responsibility and accountability experienced a reality check when McKenna's dear Republican Party left office leaving a $1.4 trillion dollars deficit and an economic depression . Naturally you're going to see Republicans drawn to this steaming pile of tea party rhetoric.

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