Tuesday, April 21, 2009

George Will Believes that Very Intelligent People are Above the Law Concerning Torture Memos

Conservative ideology has long held that only a few people have the ability and intelligence to handle the complexities of the country and world. That common citizens needs to look to a leader. That's one of the reasons they are constantly talking about finding someone to "lead" the party and give it a direction and purpose. This Week's George Will couldn't have demonstrated this philosophy in a more cartoonish way:

Will: The lawyering that produced the memos flowed from the theory subscribed to by very "intelligent people" called the unitary theory of the president. These are presidentialists...

Donaldson: Where in the Constitution do you find that...?

Will: These are intelligent ...these are intelligent men and women of goodwill...

Donaldson: If the president does it, it's legal.

Will: I'm just telling you there are intelligent people out there that believe it or not, disagree with you.

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