Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford Admits to Taking Advantage of Crisis to Cut Teachers and Public Safety!

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace goes after Gov. Mark Sanford on his plan to make draconian job cuts in a state that is already suffering from 11 percent unemployment, the second highest in the nation.

Sanford doesn't give it a second thought, as you'll see here in the clip, to completely devastating the supply of public school teachers and cops. Without a hint of sympathy, Sanford admits he wants to take advantage of the economic crisis to cut wasteful spending. But is it wasteful spending getting the axe? Teachers? Cops?

By the way, weren't Republicans accusing the Democrats of taking advantage of the crisis to push their "liberal" "socialist" "big government" Democratic agenda?

I guess it's okay to exploit the recession if you're a Republican though, and openly admit that was exactly what you were doing, but Democrats be damned. Conservatives always have the moral high ground you know. Goodbye teachers and goodbye public safety. Wow!

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