Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Unfair Right Wing Caricature of Itself is Only Fair

For the last year I have been pointing out the self destructive characteristics of conservative orthodoxy. Along the way I feel I may have portrayed Republicans as a stereotypical parody of itself.

So in defense of my many unkind words and honest analysis, I'm happy to pass along proof that I have not been "victimizing" these poor neanderthals. This is a real letter to the editor at, out of North Carolina:

YOUR VIEW: Who believes Democrats will keep us safe from terrorists?

According to the Democratic Party and the news media (owned and ruled by Democrats) President Bush is one powerful man, sending hurricanes where he wanted to and responsible for global warming. Now, he is to blame for foreign countries hating us. News flash - foreign countries have always hated us and always will. He sure made his share of mistakes, but he has kept the terrorists away for eight years. Does anyone think a government run by the Clintons, Kennedys, Nancy Pelosi and a White House run by their puppet - Obama - will keep us safe?

When the terrorist attack comes (I hope not, but it will), I guess Hillary, Obama and crowd will sit with the terrorists who kill innocent Americans and beg them to be good. Maybe offer a formal apology (for what, who knows), and I'm sure come up with a couple of billion of dollars for a better relationship. (NOTE: Exactly what Bush did with Iraqi insurgents)

I find it hard to trust a party that is trying to take the U.S., a once proud and powerful country, and make it into a cowardly and weak one. But I guess that is to be expected from a crowd that wants to make all laws and new programs to favor criminals, dope offenders, terrorists, atheists, illegal immigrants and all these homosexuals (I'm not politically correct, but I don't need votes).

It seems the news media, with the Democratic Party, is going out of its way to make fun of people who believe in God and some common decency, and have too many believing they are entitled to fine homes, health insurance and a great education without the responsibility of paying. Bailouts galore.

But now we have hope. Obama is going to throw a big ol' inauguration party that will probably turn into another Katrina without a hurricane to blame. ROGER M. High Point, NC

I rest my case.

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