Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bush Lied Legacy Campaign, Number 4

Can the Bush Legacy Campaign change history? Not if the critics of the Bush administration have anything to do with it. If you do a search of this blog, you'll find Joe Conason, Eric Alterman, Ron Suskind and now Tom Andrews calling Bush a LIAR.

I know, it took a little while for anyone to muster the courage to say a simple, effective word like liar, but better late than never. The fun part is to watch each and every Bush defender deny the well documented lies and propaganda disseminated over the last eight years. They cling desperately to the old disproved talking points, assuming no one will notice.

Are these people the real "dead enders?"

Here, Chris Matthews' guest Fmr. Rep. Tom Andrews and Huffington Post contributor methodically destroys Tony Blankley's objection over whether Bush lied. For Blankely, "haggling" over 6 year old Bush debates is silly; "That is the debate of 2003." As Obi-Wan Kenobi said once, "He can go about his business. Move along..."

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