Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bilbray Complains Just to Complain, Caught in Simple Contradiction by Chris Matthews

It was those damn "short term" Republican solutions that took down America, and now they want do it all again. Rep. Brian Bilbray, in this clip, is filled with contradictions and ideologically induced mental roadblocks. The horror of helping states pay for health care, supplementing unemployment and food stamps is just too much to bear when you don't give a rats ass. Bilbray complains that the short term stimulation will only be "short term," and the long term stuff won't kick in for another two years, or long term.

Chris Matthews points out the two stage nature of Obama's plan and the contradictions in the Republicans argument, eliciting a "twist in the wind" stream of nonsensical talking points. Rep. Jim Moran has to explain the concept of "laying the foundation" of restarting our economy to Bilbray in terms even a preschooler could understand. Sadly, he never catches on.

I hope they continue to intellectually embarrass themselves so opening like this in public. It's my new never ending source of material; funny, sad and pathetically mean spirited.

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