Thursday, January 29, 2009

Limbaugh Shown as Hypocrite by CNBC's Conservative Mark Haines. Rush Trashed by Ditto Head

As the title suggests, Mark Haines slapped Limbaugh around like a rag doll, proving how easy it is to embarrass this freak. Contradictions, hypocrisy and bloviating is the wrong strategy to use if you're interested in winning a debate. I found out even more when I visited, and tried to digest their bizarre take Limbaugh's disastrous defense, and the little secret they revealed to the country.
CNBC's Erin Burnett and Mark Haines. Mark was intent on pinning Rush down about what he felt was hypocritical for the conservative host to be pushing bipartisanship now when no such pressure was put upon President Bush by the right to work with Democrats. In reality, this was a false premise on Haines's part ... conservatives like Limbaugh aren't interested in bipartisanship.

I think's Noel-Sheppard should stop helping Rush dig his hole even deeper. What a bragging point, "Conservatives aren't interested in bipartisanship." Confirmed. We'll keep that in mind Noel/Rush. Watch conservative Haines smoke Rush with unmistakable ease.

The Washington Post past along these two polls:

In newly-released data from the Pew Research Center, 62 percent of Americans polled had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, while far fewer, 40 percent, felt positively toward the GOP. The 22-point Democratic advantage is the largest recorded by Pew, and surpasses the 17-point edge the Republican Party had when it gained control of Congress in 1995.

Gallup data from last year indicate how widespread the Democratic advantage has become. Looking at the numbers of Democrats and Republicans in each state (not counting those nonpartisans who "lean" one way or the other), Gallup found Democrats had double-digit advantages in 24 states, the GOP just four.

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