Monday, January 19, 2009

Palin's Axe to Grind for those Who Victimized Her

I've got a kind of weird fascination for the "elect Sarah Palin for President" movement. Almost a carbon copy of the Bush style of thinking and governing, conservative voters are willing to do it all again, their anxious to have repeat of the last eight years. It's a strange denial of a failed ideology, a confirmation that Bush was attacked because of liberal hate, that everything would have been better had Bush not been handicapped by criticism.

Fox News handles the Palin problem with a slight sense of humor, and a warning to those who might assume she's not a viable candidate. James Rosen suggests in his story Palin might be the next Nixon, that she has a problem letting go and has a nasty axe to grind, something people don't like to see. claims "their heroin stirs fear and loathing, because she represents a challenge to the established order across party lines." The anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List, and their representative Majorie Dannenfelser explains, "inside the beltway, people are sort of scratching their heads, maybe we can't quite get it. She took her message over the elites, directly to the people, and there's a resonance there. Unfortunately, there is an authenticity and character that is rare these days in politics."

I guess that rules out Barack Obama. There's an assumption that "the people" are all bumpkins. I wonder how many conservative business owners would turn over the reigns of their company to Palin, if the employees voted her in? How would those companies do over time? Amplify that a gazillion times when it comes to the presidency, and perhaps there might be a hesitation. Yeah right.

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