Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rush Wants to Save America from Liberalism. Fascism's Okay Though?

In trying to understand the conservative mindset, I thought this letter to the editor in the Wisconsin State Journal, offered a frightening peak into its twisted upside logic. This just proves that the nations ditto heads have now been given permission to hope our new president fails, allowing our country to fail, in the hopes of saving us all from the Democrats. Didn't they think it was traitorous for liberals to want Bush to fail...? (Which was a phony argument to begin with.)

To Rush, Obama's failure saves America

In response to Saturday's letter regarding Rush Limbaugh, I am a regular listener to his radio program so I know why he does not support President Barack Obama. As a conservative, Limbaugh believes in small government, strong defense of our national security, low tax rates, personal responsibility and allowing the capital markets to work without governmental interference.

He objects to liberals such as Obama and the majority of Congress imposing policies which undermine America's liberty and the strength of capitalism, policies such as the TARP bailouts, the so-called economic "stimulus" package, high tax rates, universal health care and governmental mandates.He doesn't hate America; it's just the opposite.

He is opposed to liberal policies and he wants them to "fail" so they will not be able to damage America, especially long-term. And there are many conservatives in America such as myself who agree.-- John V, Madison

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