Friday, January 2, 2009

New Republicans Call Bush a "Socialist" in House Resolution?

Instead of the Republican Party getting the voter message and sentiment over the last two elections, they have moved to the zealot right, but only when it won't lose them votes in the immediate future.

Take anti-union/anti-American auto industry Governor Mark Sanford, who just agreed to apply for a $146 million federal loan (can you say "bailout?") to shore it up the unemployment benefits fund, after weeks of refusing to do so. More on that conservative contradiction following the video clip story of the RNC proposing a Congressional resolution calling Bush a "socialist." You can't make this stuff up folks.

RNC vice chairman James Bopp wants the House to pass a resolution opposing bailouts and ear marks, "to correct party mistakes and return to its principles." I guess it's okay to have had the majority and spent like "drunken sailors," with no threat of a presidential veto, then bailout Wall Street with no strings in one breath, but oppose them in the next without anyone noticing. This "pin the tail" on Bush story is entertaining and unrelentingly surreal. The "you just hate Bush" crowd has their work cut out for them.

Anti-socialist? Steadfast and strong? Resolute? If you’re a Republican with fiercely libertarian tendencies like Gov. Mark Sanford, these are only words to market yourself, not attributes to live by, as you’ll see in the following story of the game of “chicken” played with peoples unemployment benefits. As reported by the N.Y. Times:

Just hours before the unemployment benefits fund was to run out in South Carolina, the state with the nation’s third-highest jobless rate, Gov. Mark Sanford relented Wednesday and agreed to apply for a $146 million federal loan to shore it up, after weeks of refusing to do so.

The governor’s position had drawn rebukes even from fellow Republicans in the Legislature, one of whom denounced Mr. Sanford as “heartless,” and from newspaper editorial pages. On Wednesday, The State, the daily newspaper here in Columbia, accused the governor of playing “chicken with the lives of the 77,000” who are unemployed in South Carolina.

“It’s absolutely unheard of, it’s insane, for a governor of any state not to request those funds,” State Senator Hugh K. Leatherman, a Republican who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said last week. “I can’t believe anybody would be this heartless, and create such a heartless act on these people.”

There's even more insanity connected with this story you just won't believe, so check out the rest if you dare. Sanford actually makes the Republican state legislature look like flaming liberals as he attempts to carry out his very libertarian "Ron Paul" agenda, forgetting he's a servant of the people and not their dictator and disciplinarian.

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