Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Republicans Continue "Economic Rough Patch" Claim, Ignore U.S.'s Flawed Structural Problems in Capitalism

No one demonstrates the wildly out of touch Republican contingent more than former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich. In this interview, David Shuster asks, "for those people who would say look, we've tried it, this trickle down economics, giving tax cuts mostly to the wealthy, hoping that would spur economic investment. There are arguments that didn't work. We should try it the other way..."

Forgetting that the last 8 years of growth were created by Wall Street voodoo, smoke and mirrors and money that never existed, Erhlich touts these illusions as "the great economic recovery." And these guys were in charge once, folks.

Erhlich: What didn't work? The great economic recovery, the boom years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006. Obviously we've had a very DIFFICULT PATCH here. So being an anti-market politician isn't going to work."

Shuster: Isn't Obama acknowledging the United States needs to take more responsibility for consuming 25% of the worlds energy and lagging on environmental concerns...?"

Erhlich: We shouldn't apologize for capitalism, we shouldn't apologize for our standard of living..."

For Erhlich and fellow Republicans, taking responsibility and getting rid of badly out dated policy is an "apology," a bizarre and oddly defensive attitude to take. It suggests that no matter how bad things get, we will never change any anything. Change equals an apology. It also suggests Republicans have some real pschological issues to work out.

Hypocrite ALERT: Why should the Bush tax cuts and Republican economic stimulous plan be made permanent, while at the same time, complain that the Democratic plan is flawed in that it might become permanent?

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