Monday, January 26, 2009

Rep. Steve Nass Tells the World: "We have Businesses that want to leave the state!" Is this Nass's Idea of Job Creation?

Here's another example of Republican psychobabble, the kind of logic that got us into a recession, and nearly a depression. Zealot conservative Rep. Steve Nass, on WPR's morning radio show, does his best to get the message out: Hey buisiness, don't come to Wisconsin, you won't like it here. We're bad, really bad for you. Stay away. We have regulations and environmental controls that you will hate.

Nass seems to have missed the part where our bad economy is bleeding jobs, bankrupting businesses and homeowners and making health care unaffordable. Jobs aren't being created and businesses aren't expanding right now Steve. Wake up. Nass believes if we just leaves things alone, cut taxes and hand the keys over to business, like we have for the last 8 years, the nation will be better off. And you thought Republicans knew what they were doing.

Part 2 after the tone, Nass claims government wasn't put in place to create jobs! Besides the fact that it was created to form what we now know as the United States of America, it does create jobs, lots of them. Public employees get pay checks, pay federal and state taxes and spend money on things, just like real people. Government contracts with the private sector for services and products, creating millions of jobs everywhere. Strangely, Nass acts like only private businesses give people a paychecks. More to the point, mumbo jumbo psycho babble! A convoluted collection of false truisms meant to sound good and impress the conservative base.

One more note; summed up a recent partisan Nass(sty) issue:
Nass was recently (2007) in the news regarding the state budget fiasco when he expressed cutting funding of a UW-Madison center because its studies were "too far to the left." Isn't a statement like that just as far to the right?

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