Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gaffney Blames Clinton for Sept. 11. Chris Matthews and Joe Conason Amazed

In this action packed segment on Hardball, Chris Matthews gives neo con Frank Gaffney every opportunity to dig himself deeper into the dark hole he crawls out of from time to time. Gaffney is the poster guy for "war monger." Here, Gaffney blames Bill Clinton for not preparing the Bush administration to deal with Bin Laden or take his warnings seriously. The Nation's Joe Conason is there to call Gaffney a LIAR.

In another segment soon to be posted, Eric Alterman calls Bush a liar, and visibly shakes up presidential ass-kisser and former special assistant to Bush, Ron Christie.

I hope this is a trend. It's about time we call the outright fabrications from Republicans what they really are, lies. They can't stand that. My advice: get used to it.

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