Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mike Gallagher wants to Cancel Apocalypse-Get back to Work: "There has to be a middle ground" nonsense, again.

So let's see if I have this right; Gov. Evers...
…"ordered millions of people to stay at home as much as possible under the powers he has during emergencies...(he's) closed schools, shuttered bars and limited restaurants to takeout and delivery (and) the stay-at-home order he ultimately issued.
Since businesses have closed, employees really don't have an option to "go back to work."

That won't stop Republicans. Like Trump, even our own Congressmen want people to go back to work. But they can't. And even if they could, who would risk their life for a job? Hate to break the news, but company loyalties died during the Great Recession.

Want to get people back to work, TEST: Trump's 2 month messed up testing debacle resulted in "stay at home" policies. An NPR story cut right to the point:
As the coronavirus spreads across the United States, researchers say there's only one way out of lockdown: widespread testing for everyone who might be infected with the virus.

Trump cult-Rep. Mike Gallagher wrote this editorial: "Wisconsin can cancel the apocalypse." I know, Gallagher makes it sounds crazy easy, right? Hey, it's just an apocalypse, go back to work?:
I am not saying “the cure is worse than the disease.” I am saying it is unrealistic to choose between economic devastation on the one hand and millions of deaths on the other. Wisconsinites know that is a false choice. There has to be a middle ground that takes our livelihoods, both physical and economic, into account.
Noooo, it's actually unrealistic for someone to choose millions of deaths, right.

"Balance" has always been the Wisconsin Republican argument, like the balance between the environment and jobs, clean air or lower bills  with cheap coal...surprise, the environment and clean air lost!

Trump just contradicted Gallagher's sociopathic message of "hope," saying his reason is to foil the mainstream media's attempt to sink his reelection...

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  1. Thanks John,

    "Mr. Searching to be Relevant" Mike copied the Sanders' strategy of asking his campaign donor list members to contribute to Covid 19 emergency services needs. I took a different approach and suggest others do the same.

    I phoned Mike's De Pere office suggesting how he could lead by example and pull $1.5M out of his $2.1M cash on hand (Open Secrets) and for once, back his words with action. He'd still have over 10 times the campaign cash on hand vs that behind Rep Amanda Stuck ($42K).

    Today Mike brought in WI DHS Sec Palm to pretend he is worried about his constituents for a live "townhall," when he should have left DHS alone to do their jobs. But his campaigning on the public dime today was more important I guess.

    Reminder, NE WI needs to get behind Stuck for the 8th.