Friday, March 27, 2020

Trump believer Fitzgerald rejects mail-in ballots, claims Gov. Evers is "lying" and "acting like this is doable is a Hoax." Factcheck: Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years.

Okay, we're already at a point of where many media outlets has stopped broadcasting Trump's daily press conference because he can't stop lying, even now during a pandemic, the courage to do something like that took way too long a time.

Take for example what just happened: Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers just asked the gerrymandered GOP legislature to send out ballots to every resident to vote my mail.

What, give everyone voting age a chance No way.

The news media and Democrats could take a lesson from Republican State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, who said what everyone else took 3 and a half years to say:
"The Legislature on both sides of the aisle has to know this is ridiculous," Fitzgerald said in a statement. "In pitching this idea, the governor is lying directly to Wisconsinites about this even being remotely possible. Acting like this is doable is a hoax."
It was that easy. Trump speak is the new "conversation" that avoids facts and thinking.

Question, did Fitzgerald look into it? Was there an option to delay the count if ballots needed more time to arrive across the state? Who knows.

And just like a Democrat, Evers helped Republicans run the table at the polls across the state. With right-wing media screaming about losing their liberties and freedom and begging to go back to work, guess who's going to show up at the polls and who won't want to risk their life?

The decision to hold the election in a time when nonessential travel and mass gatherings are banned in hopes of mitigating the respiratory disease's spread has drawn strong criticism from poll workers, clerks and members of the public who argue doing so puts voters and poll workers at risk of infection  postpone in-person voting in the April 7 election at least until Evers' "safer at home" order expires. The order expires April 24, but it could be extended.

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