Friday, March 6, 2020

The Trump, Walker, Cultists war against the Ghost of Communism!

My Trump cultist friend in Milwaukee claimed Elizabeth Warren "wasn't just incompetent, the bitch was a F**KING liar." So I texted him and said he was afraid of Elizabeth Warren. He admitted he was afraid...:
"...of communism, yes, of anti-American Socialist policy. That('s) what this election is all about John. CAPITALISM VS socialism."
McCarthyism/Cold War did not end in 1991 for Trump Republicans: PolitiFact rated "manipulator and no-genius" Scott Walker's claim Bernie Sanders was a "communist:"

Blame this on your typical "right-wing knowledge and curiosity" vacuum. But if you're going to repeat something this ridiculous so often, wouldn't you likely check to see if your claim is accurate? PolitiFact:
-Walker offers no hard evidence of his claim, which one expert calls "scare-mongering."

-Sanders' policies line up with democratic socialism — which focuses on democratically achieved expansion of social welfare programs — not communist hallmarks like authoritarian rule, government ownership of all private property or an end to capitalism.
Honeymoon Trip to Soviet Union? Or a mayoral business trip?

It wasn’t exactly a traditional honeymoon, but Sanders and his wife left the day after their wedding to be part of a 12-person delegation for a sister city program between Burlington, Vt. — where Sanders was mayor — and the city of Yaroslavl.
Walker's total lack of self awareness shined through with this tweet, somehow forgetting Trump's love for authoritarian strong men dictators:

Compare that to Trump's authoritarian love affair. Not even close:

Walker's blind spot for dictators might have something to with his own mastery of authoritarian power when he was governor. Walker's angry final comment to a reporters question in the video below is chilling.  It was during a ceremonial signing that gutted the incoming Democratic governors powers. Note: Take a look at Walker's now infamously laughable Venn diagram debacle. He really is a dumb man:

This is also true of democratic socialism...
Russell Muirhead, a professor of political science at Dartmouth College, said:
"Democratic socialists are committed in the first case to persuading citizens of their particular policies and views, and if they can’t persuade, they refuse to try to implement those policies. Democracy comes first. Communists are so sure that they have the whole truth that they’re willing to impose their policies even if they can’t persuade other people, even if it requires a sustained and brutal application of violence. That’s why we associate communism with tyranny."

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