Friday, June 8, 2018

Walker's Tax-exempt Back-to-School Grab Special Interest Grab Bag!

Love this list of tax-exempt back-to-school items Scott Walker put together as a bribe for his reelection. Besides a number of obvious and bizarre gives to certain constituent interests who've never moved past the 1980's, you gotta wonder just how tech-savvy our "Foxconn" loving Republicans are:

Let's unpack some of this stuff:

1. Still calling them bathing suits, not swimsuits?

2. A beach cape and coat? Love the 1950's look...

3. Halloween costumes? Even a costume shop owner was surprised. 
News 3 contacted a number of local business owners, and many of them had not realized that they sold items that would be free from sales tax.
4. Garters and Garter Belts and Girdles? For sexy adventures when the kids are away only.

5. "Overshoes!" They're called galoshes...when was the last time parents did this to their kid?

6. "Rubber Pants"...what am I missing here?

7. "...not athletic shoes with cleats or spikes" really helps those kids going out for sports.

8. "Slippers?" Finally, someone included this item just for the hell of it.


1. Personal Digital Assistants, or PDA's...someone is still using these?

2. "Not including Cellular Phones" because Republican legislators still don't know how to use them?

3. Seriously, "Diskettes" and "Compact Discs?" Floppy discs, seriously? Because no one uses flash drives, right, or cloud storage for homework? And jump drives aren't even included.

4. Handheld Electronic Schedulers! Wow, portable things we can hold in one hand powered by electric batteries? 

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  1. Walker is a moron that cannot speak in coherent sentences. Find a transcript of a radio interview that was not done by his WTMJ-AM handlers, it will be rambling, incoherent, and shockingly so.

    This is really a stooopid list, as you post, but stooopid is as stooopid does. Our all powerful, big and bold (tm) fearless leader is a media creation.

    The only question is, can Wisconsin's right-wing echo-chamber put enough lipstick on this pig to pull him through the 2018 elections?

    Since the right-wing media here in Wisconsin is little-changed, the best bet is "yes". We can only hope the tRump train wreck is mitigating some of the noise.