Monday, June 18, 2018

If you're a liberal constituent, Vukmir might just reach for that gun out on the table!

Living up to her name "Nurse Ratchet," the not so popular State Sen. Leah Vukmir is now desperately trying to drive up her conservative creds with personal death threats, a popular right-wing tactic used by conservative college speakers so they could demand the big bucks for supposedly risking their lives.

Really, like those in the public eye haven't all gotten one or two "death threats?" To top it off, she saved an old 2011 threat so she could use it in a job interview, like say for Senator?

Anyone else comfortable with their representative flashing heat on a table top? Sure cuts down on unhappy voters. Vukmir's got a theme going; taking on those murderous, terrorist union thugs:

It's a scary liberal terrorist gun-toting world out there filled with government protesters, so we need this kind of authoritarian Senator:

The unhinged terror sympathizing left wing politics of Tammy Baldwin?


  1. Sorry but I don't consider my family THUGS. We are a Union family and decent people. We strongly believe in Unions. The Republicans bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers are the THUGS in this state. Ok Leah, if Tammy Baldwin has been hiding where has Ron Johnson been?!?!? This family is so fed up with the state of Wisconsin!

  2. All of her ads are promoting violence against teachers & union members. Wonder how long it's going to take for one of her true believer followers to hear her "message" and pull out a gun to shoot some teachers?

    Leah is exploiting divide and conquer to another level; dividing Wisconsin with made up stories of union attacks on her (and her right wing buddies) and encouraging violent counter-attacks on union members & teachers. If she continues to escalate her message of violence, I expect to see one of her goofy right wing followers shoot some innocent teachers marching with their 3rd graders in a 4th of July parade this year.

    If this new ad campaign increases her poll numbers, all teachers and other union members should expect an increase in violence and attacks against them and their families as a result of her ads encouraging these attacks. Continues to be a sad time to live in Wisconsin.