Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Scott Walker Immigration/Dairy Farmers/Cheese/Tariff War contradictions catch up to him...

For the first time in a long time, the actual media picked on a major subtly and contradiction Scott Walker has been successfully using for years. It was right there in the first two paragraphs of a Wisconsin State Journal article by Matthew DeFour:

Gov. Scott Walker has refused twice in as many weeks to comment on President Donald Trump’s recent immigration pronouncements, saying both times they are a federal issue.

In plenty of other cases the governor has commented on national matters, including Monday when he took issue with Trump on tariffs and in April when he praised Trump’s border policies.
It also looks like Walker really had no plans to help Wisconsin's huge dairy industry now suffering from tariffs and immigrant labor shortages. Even this might wake a few Walker supporters up:

“Obviously, tariffs we just talked about are a federal issue, but they directly impact the businesses in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said.

When it was pointed out that immigrant labor has a major impact on the state’s dairy industry and Walker’s own re-election campaign has used the deployment of Wisconsin National Guard troops to the border in online ads, Walker continued to resist taking a position on immigration.

“I’ve got my hands full with things here in Wisconsin,” Walker said. “I could comment on every single thing in the federal government and it might be good for the media for stories, but that’s not what I’m elected to do.”
Check out this story about the 2nd Annual Wisconsin Cheese day event featuring Scott Walker, who again, can't or won't connect the dots between immigration, dairy, and cheese:

How over-the-line is Walker on immigration?
Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan tweeted last week after ordering four Maryland National Guard members and their helicopter away from the border: “Immigration enforcement efforts should focus on criminals, not separating innocent children from their families.”
Scott Walker missed the whole moral compass thing when he became a "career politician," plowing ahead relentlessly instituting strick ideologically driven political theory while never understanding complicated common sense real-world solutions. It was an ends-justify-the-means divide and conquer strategy that worked, playing off resentment, envy, freeloading, and race. His political infestation continues with his taxpayer raised sons who have also learned how to freeload off our political system.

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