Saturday, June 30, 2018

Big Problem: Democratic agenda holds winning hand, but still loses elections.

This is an odd one. Republican Bruce Bartlett put together the following tweet storm reconstructed here with links proving just how inept the Democratic Party is convincing the public they want the same thing as them. The incredible number of issues Americans want and Democrats support makes you wonder how Republicans keep winning elections (besides gerrymandering and voter suppression, which may now be a bigger factor than ever imagined).

This twitter exchange explains...

The following exchange reflects the same ridiculous argument Gov. candidate Kathleen Vinehout repeated that stopped me cold:

Following is a list of good Democratic issues in no order.
(1) End gerrymandering.
(2) Raise taxes on the wealthy.
3) Limit campaign spending.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans say new laws would be effective in reducing role of money in politics
4) Constitutional amendment to outlaw Citizens United decision.
(5) Make voting easier with automatic registration and early voting.

(6) Support gun control.

7) Protect the environment & take concrete actions against global warming.

(8) Allow felons to vote if they have served their full sentence.
(9) End or restrict payday lending.
3 percent of registered voters have a favorable opinion of payday lenders. Yes, even used car salesmen and Wall Street banks are more well-liked than payday lenders. The entire business model of payday lending is based on trapping people in cycles of debt that they cannot escape, all the while forcing them to pay exorbitant fees and interest rates. 
(10) Spend more money on public works.
11) Support DACA.

(12) Fix student debt problem.
(13) Prioritize production of alternative energy such as solar over fossil fuels such as coal/GOP or Dems:

Conservative Republicans prioritize expansion of fossil fuels
(14) Fight corruption by the president, Congress and government officials.
(15) Oppose foreign government interference in US elections.
(16) Force presidents to release their tax returns.
American voters say 67 – 24 percent that President Donald Trump should publicly release his tax returns, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll (FEB '18). Every listed party, gender, education, age and racial group, except Republicans, says Trump should release his tax returns.
(17) Guaranteed government job for all who want one.
(18) Increase regulation of tech companies & social media to protect privacy.

(19) Raise pay for teachers.

(20) Legalize marijuana.

(21) Oppose tariffs & trade protectionism.
22) Support paid family & medical leaver for workers.
(23) Support labor unions.
(24) Support prison reform.
(24) Support prison reform:
87 percent of Americans agree that some of the money being spent on locking up nonviolent offenders should be shifted to alternatives like electronic monitoring, community service and probation. 65 percent support fair chance hiring, and 87 percent of voters strongly support replacing mandatory minimum prison sentences for non-violent offenders with a system that allows judges more discretion. 85 percent agree that the main goal should be rehabilitating people.
(25) Single-payer health insurance for all.

Now, what will Democrats do knowing this? Fold em and walk away? 

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  1. This is correct. Progressive ideas are the true Silent Majority in this country. But right wingers and corporate media have used their money and access advantage to define the range of the debate.

    Hillary Clinton made this same mistake "Oh, single payer will never go through." How do you know that until you get elected and try to push it through a new Legislature. Same goes for WisDem guv candidates.

    Also, why don't Dems ever brand the GOP with their awful ideas? Make Walker deny that he wants to turn all K-12 schools into vouchers - bet he doesn't.

    Jake formerly of the LP