Sunday, June 3, 2018

Road Kill Walker leaves Deer on Wisconsin's Roadsides for underfunded Department of Transportation

Road Kill Walker is back, and the voters are starting to notice, big time. Plus, get a load of this Scott Walker shuffle.

Let's start with the first-ever "First Alert Traffic Note" for road kill deer. Drivers now have to watch out for the excessive number of road kill deer dotting the shoulder of our beautiful Wisconsin highways.

And get this, the DNR shifted the responsibility of road kill collection to the DOT, because the DNR now has budget constraints. But wait, doesn't the DOT also have a major budget shortfall and road maintenance delays? Walker's got nowhere to go with the problem, so he figures what doesn't get picked

You just can't make this stuff up. From WKOW TV.


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  1. Walker's handling of dead deer offers a great analogy for the shift in priorities Wisconsin has seen under his misleadership. Walker has left our schools, infrastructure and environment for dead, hoping locals will pop for the bill to clean up the mess. This is why I believe when locals enact wheel taxes, pass school referendums and raise fees ...Walker smiles and says, "it's working!"