Sunday, April 2, 2017

Right-Wing Campus Group creates "Professor Watchlist!!!" Now that's Academic Freedom.

While a new wave of white supremacist groups are infiltrating our college campuses...: 

White supremacists have held minor campaigns on college campuses in the past, but an unprecedented amount of hate-group propaganda and a rebranding of white supremacy as “alt-right” have been especially geared to recruit and provoke college students in recent months. A recent report by the Anti-Defamation League cited at least 107 incidents of white-supremacist propaganda on college campuses since September, at least 65 of which have occurred since January. Posters with messages like “Make America white again” and “Imagine a Muslim-free America” have been found in high-traffic areas on campuses in 25 states. the same time Republican legislators are using academic freedom to clamp down on real academic freedom. The timing isn't a coincidence:

Conservative critics have opened a new chapter of their long-running complaints about institutions such as UW-Madison ... It could also foreshadow new legislation that seeks to change what many Republicans see as a lack of “intellectual diversity” on college campuses, by pushing institutions to invite more conservative speakers and hire more right-leaning faculty.
Speaker Robin Vos, (R), who last year called for UW institutions to invite more conservative speakers, has indicated that he wants to see the System’s funding tied to the variety of voices on campus...

In December he and Rep. David Murphy, (R), criticized a course on white identity and racism titled “The Problem of Whiteness.” Sen. Steve Nass, (R), told his colleagues that a program in which students discuss masculinity amounted to the university declaring a “war on men.”
Which begs the question...
Donald Moynihan, director of UW-Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs said, “Would you start looking at people’s voting registrations, or who they had donated money to? The degree to which this would be government intrusiveness on people’s lives would be mind-boggling.”
...which has now been answered by right wing Brownshirt's... 
Turning Point USA has put together a list of academics that they say discriminate against conservative students and use their lectures to push their left-wing propaganda. But what about the first amendment?
Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk laughed at, even scoffed at the idea that this is somehow "Hitlerian," but historically....
The practice of Hitlerian authorities removing professors for any but scholastic reasons … Still others left because they would not subject their conscience to the dictates of the National Socialist ideologies as preached by the govern­ment. 

A professor at the University of Rostock demanded from the German government, which controlled all univer­sities, that he be given a clear guarantee that the government leave unimpaired his freedom to seek and teach the truth. Despite his prominence in his field, he was ousted from his position.

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