Sunday, April 23, 2017

What is Health Insurance? Republicans don't Know!!!

So many tricks, so many deceptions.

Rep. Mark Sanford would never say what he said in the interview below if he knew how insurance worked, or maybe he knew but was lying. It wouldn't be the first time for this philandering con man.

Point by Point Breakdown:

1. Insurance is based on one model; it's large pool of insured people spreading the risks and costs, keeping premiums down. The ACA simply let insurers sell a standard plan to a large pool of let them be "insurance."
Sanford: "The difficulty of what we started with was it wouldn't let insurance be insurance within the individual marketplace."
2. Republicans want to pit the sick against the currently healthy, claiming it's unfair the (still) healthy pay slightly higher premiums so others get treated. Now that's sick. Sanford's "privatize the healthy" for higher insurance industry profits goes something like this..."Let that part be real insurance!'  
Sanford: "So you folks with real needs...the Affordable Care Act has helped them in fairness to the Affordable Care Act. But for a lot of other folks out there, they've seen their premiums skyrocket, they've seen less in the line of choice, and what a number of them said, let that part be real insurance."
Wait a minute, health insurance before ObamaCare was skyrocketing, when the sick couldn't get health care, people who got sick with insurance were turned down and canceled, high risk pools covered the sick but at astronomical premiums, and regular premiums and deductibles skyrocketed. Sanford wants to go back to that...what a time it was....:
Premiums for these policies were increasing more than 10% a year, on average, while the policies themselves had major deficiencies. They often excluded pre-existing conditions, charged higher premiums for people with health risks and for young women, placed limits on annual and lifetime benefits, or refused to renew policies for individuals who became sick. Many people who tried to buy plans were turned down. In 2010, an estimated 9 million adults who had tried to buy a plan in the individual market over the prior three years reported that they were turned down, charged a higher price, or had a condition excluded from their plan because of their health.

Faced with unsubsidized premiums and flawed products, the majority of consumers who tried to buy a plan remained uninsured. Only healthy people could get policies, and only those with good incomes could afford the premiums.

Returning to the status quo ante — before the ACA — is not a viable option for the individual markets.
The New LEFT? Sanford closed the segment by creating a new left, leaving out Democrats was no accident:
Sandford: "...negotiation that have been taking place, between Mark Meadows from the right if you will, and somebody like MacArthur from the LEFT, in the melding of ideas within the Republican conference."

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