Thursday, April 20, 2017

Republicans out to stop ridiculous rules like limiting Phosphorous pollution with State version of "REINS Act."

The complete destruction of Wisconsin's environment is nearly complete, and you can thank politically motivated special interests for gutting the last remnants of "old Wisconsin," and climate denying Scott Walker.

This is almost to breathtaking to explain. Ridiculous "rules" limiting regulation by state departments to work in the best interest of constituents is now spreading like a cancer through the US: 
Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin have revived a plan that would limit the power of state agencies to write some environmental and workplace regulations. The so-called REINS Act would require legislative approval for any agency rule that would cost businesses or taxpayers more than $10 million. State agencies write rules that cover everything from pollution standards for factories to workplace safety requirements. 
I think this summation says it all:
Supporters of the proposal say it will provide needed oversight to government and create a more business-friendly regulatory climate in Wisconsin.
 Fu** the citizens, right? Like our state economy is roaring ahead with Walker's other brilliant job creating ideas.

And like other Republican giveaways to special interests…business would get a say publicly, or what I would call a dog and pony show:
The bill would allow a legislative committee to request a public hearing allowing input from citizens and industry before the agency drafts projections related to its economic impact.

The bill would also give the committee the power to request an economic analysis of the bill from an organization outside state government. The initiative is supported by Americans for Prosperity, the conservative political group funded by the Koch brothers.
As we all know, the Koch brothers are upstanding Wisconsinites just looking out for their state...oh, wait a minute...they can do an economic analysis?

I hope you're sitting down: You won't believe the example Republicans gave for pushing this industry crap. Someone needs their head examined?
Sen. Devin LeMahieu, another sponsor of the bill, cited a 2010 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources rule on phosphorous emissions as an example of a state agency exercising too much power. The rule set stricter standards for phosphorous released by factories and wastewater treatment plants.
We would hate to have stricter standards for phosphorous, right:
2015 economic impact analysis released by the DNR and Wisconsin Department of Administration estimated the rule would cost businesses and municipalities $708 million per year. "This bill is to put safeguards in to make sure something like the phosphorous rule doesn’t happen in the future," LeMahieu said.
I wish I were kidding, but LeMahieu thinks stopping "safeguards" in place to stop phosphorous pollution was something he wasn't about let happen again. Folks, we're not coming back from this Republican controlled decade. 

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