Sunday, April 9, 2017

Threat of Trump/Ryan Repeal will Kill the Affordable Care Act's Market Places!!! It's that easy.


While Democrats may have won the health care debate for the time being, Republicans are patiently and very openly waiting for the ACA to implode, or as Trump so inaccurately claims, “blowup.”

In fact, it's not just the ACA that’s in danger, but the whole individual market (non-employer insurance); profits won’t be big enough. Modern Health:
Aetna said Thursday that it will stop selling individual policies both on and off the state's Affordable Care Act exchange next year. The decision follows on the heels of Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield's announcement that it will exit Iowa's individual market in 2018. Now thousands of Iowans will be forced to switch health insurers—if they can find one.

But because both Aetna and Wellmark are pulling the plug on both on- and off-exchange individual plans, the consequences extend beyond dwindling choice on the ACA federal marketplace. “It's not clear how many options people may have even if they are able to pay full price and buy off exchange,” Cox said.
The Republican “Repeal” Poison Pill Set this in Motion: What major insurance company can conduct business under the threat of repeal? Insurers said as much:
1. An Aetna spokesman said the decision is a result of “financial risk and an uncertain outlook for the marketplace.” 

2. With a number of regulatory unknowns and no clear sign that the federal government will continue to support the individual marketplace, experts say other states could soon see an insurer exodus as well … health insurers have threatened to quit offering policies on the ACA's marketplace if they don't get the regulatory details they need to design and price their insurance plans. 

3. Insurers have warned Congressional leaders that they need to see signs that the Trump administration will work to stabilize the individual market if they are to commit to selling plans in 2018. Iowa's situation is an example of what may happen across the nation if insurers don't get answers soon.
Sounds like a problem created by Trump and Paul Ryan, ya think?

Oh, and about those tearful insurance company “losses;” let’s just call it a “decline in grotesque profits:”
Wellmark said it lost about $90 million from ACA-compliant health plans sold in Iowa over the past three years. But it is a drop in a bucket relative to the $2.7 billion in revenue Wellmark recorded in 2016 alone, financial documents show.

Given the minor loss, it is likely that Wellmark's exit has more to do with the uncertainty surrounding the future of the health insurance landscape and the prospect of further financial losses if the Trump administration fails to shore up the marketplaces, experts said.
Trump and Ryan inaction will Kill the ACA: 
It is unclear if insurers will get the details they need to commit to the exchanges for 2018. In most states, they have until June 21 to decide whether to participate. But the Trump administration has yet to address insurers' most pressing concerns about availability of cost-sharing reductions and the enforcement of the mandate that consumers purchase coverage. Those two policies are essential to ensure the individual market stays afloat and affordable during the transition period to an ACA replacement plan.
And no, it’s not a problem caused by the Affordable Care Act:
“We're deeply troubled by the angst and concern the Affordable Care Act is causing in Iowa," Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen said in a statement. "This is a problem created by the Affordable Care Act and needs to be fixed by Congress."

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  1. Actually the "problem" with the ACA is due to private corporate GREED, Mr. Iowa Insurance Commissioner.

    And the obvious solution (well, other than Medicare-for-all)? A public option with stricter regulation on rates and monopolies. Oh, and expanding Medicaid to 150-200% of poverty to handle the "less profitable" working poor.

    Anyone who chooses not to understand this needs to be FIRED ASAP