Monday, May 25, 2009

Gingrich: "I think people should be afraid." The Grand Old Party of Fear.

I've written about it before because its true: Republicans and conservatives are living in fear, and everything that drives their ideology is based on fear. They want concealed carry laws because they fear their neighbors. They want to preemptively attack other countries because they fear for their lives. They fear other will have something they don't. They fear the opposition party and portray them as dangerous socialist who will destroy the greatest country in the world. They fear they are not as patriotic so they repeat over and over how they are THE real Americans. They fear illegal immigrants and gays. They fear their own government and unions. And right now, they fear not having "a leader," a steadfast, unshakable authority figure with the folksy Reagan delivery and Newt Gingrich's forced intellectualism.

Fear is the central driving force upon which everything they say and do is based. Take it from the best, Newt himself. Thank you Sen. Dick Durbin for finally speaking the truth to fear.

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