Saturday, May 23, 2009

Banana Display, a Guy in a Gorilla Suit and a Confused Public! out did the Onion with this story of a gorilla suited banana display thief. You'll love the video, you delight in the written piece below.


Fond du Lac police are scratching their heads. A bandit dressed a gorilla ran into two Kwik Trip stores grabbed the foam banana display and split!

And no one seems to know why.

But this banana thief slipped up. The attempted crime was caught on one store's surveillance video. Police released the grainy images in the hopes that someone might recognize the ape and turn him in.

Police received several calls last night from people who claim to have seen the "ape" hanging around, but the thief still on the loose.

They say it could be anything from a senior prank to someone making a video for the internet. Still, until the banana bandit is corralled, people in Fond du Lac will remain confused.

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