Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Republicans Health Care Plan Explained!

Bill O'Reilly's health care solution centers on improving health choices. Wouldn't it be great if the sick "stopped drinking a quart of gin everyday?" It would be better if people lived healthier lives by cutting out junk foods and not sitting in front of a plasma TV all day. Just as long as they don't give up our right to SMOKE in bars and restaurants. Those nanny staters are trying to take away our freedoms.

MSNBC's Ed Schultz asks Grover Norquist how he would bring health care to everyone and lower the cost of premiums. If you were blaming the insurance companies and sweetheart deals with an area's most powerful hospitals for artificially high premium payments, you would be wrong. Trial lawyers. The hapless insurance companies have no choice but to charge high liability premiums for a lawsuit problem that doesn't really exist. If only doctors and hospitals were free to make a few mistakes without worrying destroying peoples lives or going to court.

No, really, Republicans were in charge of our government for about 15 years. Surprised at the results?

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