Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saving the Health Insurance Industry, One Lie at a Time. The Luntz Strategy.

One of the most successful argument posed by the Republican Party against a public health care option is the idea of "waiting lists." What they don't tell you now is that we already have waiting lists for everything except emergency care. There will always be waiting lists, as long as there are hundreds of million of people accessing the same health care system. Republicans also act as though there are no American health care horror stories, they couldn't tell you one, only those we hear from countries like Canada and England. That insinuates there are no real solutions. So at least someone can make money on its delivery.

The well oiled GOP has now fine tuned their message. Below Ed Schultz gets the message out:

AP-A 28-page presentation by Frank Luntz, who has long experience in advising Republicans on tailoring their speeches and phrase-making to achieve maximum political benefit. Poll testing rhetoric is a technique both parties use, and in his presentation, Luntz credits Obama with making skillful use of language. He's also got some pointed advice to Republicans eager to doom the as-yet unwritten legislation. "Your political opponents are the Democrats in Congress and the bureaucrats in Washington, not President Obama. Every time we test language that criticized the president by name, the response was negative even among Republicans," Luntz wrote. "

Americans want solutions, not politics." One section of his presentation is, "Which is the best reason to oppose Obama?" The most successful attack is, "It will lead to the gov't setting standards instead of the doctor who really knows best." That was followed closely by, "It will lead to the gov't rationing care, making people stand in line and denying people treatment like they do elsewhere."

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