Friday, May 22, 2009

Wilkerson on Cheney: "It's clear that he's frightened...the Church of Cheney"

Here are a few very short clips of Dick "crazy" Cheney's twisted view of reality. What follows is this quick hit from Sen. Tom Harkin: "..almost a pathetic figure, I mean this person must live in fear every day...what a terrible way to spend your life." But don't stop there.

You really have to listen to Col. Lawrence Wilkerson's analysis of Dick Cheney. In fact, search this blog for everything "Wilkerson" and you will be entertained by his smash mouth description of our former vice president and current psychopath, Darth Cheney. Remember, not only is Wilkerson a Republican, but he was also Colin Powell's chief of staff. He knows this guy.

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