Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gov. Candidate Walker Denies Responsibility for Rising Jobless Rate in His County!

The man that would be Governor Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, appeared on Upfront with Mike Gousha (goo-shay), expecting an easy interview filled with pat answers. What he got were a few tough questions that seemed to take the conservative shine off his slick carnival barker persona. Even though Walker's got a record most politicians would be inclined to keep from the media bright lights, his lack of self criticism and awareness drives his quest for the top spot in the state.

Walker: "Everybody else is tightening their belts...I would start in state government...that would be wage and benefits."

My question: If tax increases are bad in a down economy because it reduces the amount of money consumers have to spend, how are wage and benefit reductions any different?

Walker: (On doing away with more state jobs) "Yes...we're going to have to look at shrinking the size of government, we're going to have to look at shrinking more importantly, the size of wages and benefits..."

My question: In tough economic times with high unemployment directly draining the state revenues, would it be a good time to add to the unemployment roles that pretty much deplete state safety nets?

Walker: (On Rising unemployment the fault of Democratic Gov. Doyle) "I think it's a global recession, but I think our situation is worse here than most other states..."

Mike Gousha: "There are going to be people who say look, Milwaukee county has the highest poverty rate in the state, we're losing jobs in the city of Milwaukee, your largest municipality at a rate almost unmatched by any other big city. Do you share any responsibility for that?"

Walker: "Everybody does, but the state of Wisconsin has done specific things, policy wise, that have effected jobs here...if you look at the tax increases of $1.2 billion of new taxes..."

Mike Gousha: "Do you think you bare any of the responsibility for the numbers I just mentioned for the poverty rate, for the lack of employment right now in this community?"

Walker: "No, for us that's been an issue for years...politicians don't create jobs or eliminate jobs...!"

Huh! So Gov. Doyle is responsible for rising unemployment, at the same time politicians don't create or eliminate jobs? Which is it Scott? To be clear as mud, Walker believes Gov. Doyle is responsible for the increases in jobless rates in Wisconsin despite the worsening U.S. unemployment figures. Yet after serving 3 terms as Milwaukee County Executive, Walker denies outright any responsibility for dramatically higher jobless rates under his watch because its "been an issue for years." An issue he was elected 3 times to solve or improve upon, an issue Walker apparently has been powerless and too incompetent to reverse.

Walker carries on the Republican tradition of victim hood and passing the buck, while never holding himself accountable for anything.

Keep in mind, Walker wanted to put in place a sales tax holiday at a time when consumers weren't spending money on anything, instead of taking the stimulus money to prevent layoffs and needed infrastructure improvements.

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