Saturday, May 30, 2009

California is Now Republican Dreamin’

My conservative friend called me today about California, and predicted that every state will resemble what’s happening there soon, and that run-a-way government spending was to blame. Now everything is getting the budget Axe.


Besides an out of whack "direct governing" style filled with ballot initiatives and propositions, the recession has brought about the Republican wet dream of downsizing. Some may call the government cuts draconian, but think about it. These are the kind of cuts Republicans have been pushing for since I can remember. So let’s take a look at the ideally run “small government” plan:

Some 235,000 state workers will have to take a 5 percent pay cut.

Of the state’s 279 state parks, 200 will be closed, Cutting general fund support for state parks in half this year and eliminating it entirely next year.

Cutting K-12 school funding.

The dismantling of the Cal Grant program, which would make California the first US state to eliminate student financial aid while raising tuition.

Terminating health coverage for nearly 1 million children as well as cutting Medi-Cal coverage for dialysis and for breast and cervical cancer treatment for those over age 65 and ending non-emergency health care for undocumented immigrants.

In the prisons, rehabilitation, education and vocational programs would be hacked. So would the sentences of nonviolent, non-serious offenders, who would go free a year early.

Doing away with a welfare-to-work program that more than 500,000 families
participate in.

Most summer school programs for students from elementary through high school will be canceled this year, as will non-academic programs like recreational activities for younger children,

Breath taking? Not for Republicans.
Republican legislators are insisting the budget can be balanced on cuts alone.

So far so good, huh?

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