Monday, May 25, 2009

Damn the Research… Simple Right Wing Truths.

In my side bar feature “Blogs I’ve Been too…” you’ll find “dissecting leftism.” It’s an unintentionally humorous psychoanalysis of how we liberals think.

A recent British study found that fathers who have daughters are more liberals. Conversely, mothers who have sons lean more conservative. But like any important study, right wing opinions were not included as applicable facts. Thus the results are meaningless at best or just plain wrong. I intentionally posted the results of the study after the more important “truthy” conservative conclusions by our friends at dissecting leftism. Let’s face it, they just know these things, like…

The underlying assumption of the British article “Does having daughters makes fathers more likely to agree with Left-wing views?” is faulty.

Although it is often asserted, Leftism is NOT in fact "feminine". Women can be very practical and such women are by that fact less likely to succumb to Leftist fantasies.

Married people with children lean heavily towards conservative parties. So having ANY children, male or female, moves you to the Right. It is young unattached females who lean Left.

Now on to the study, devoid of the above “nonsensical facts:”

Research has found that the more girls a man has, the more likely he is to be Left-wing. Daughters have such a profound effect on their fathers that they can switch their political viewpoint, a study suggests.

Compared to men, women are more likely to favour Labour or Liberal policies such as higher taxes to fund provisions like the NHS. They also tend to earn less than men so won’t be as hard-hit by higher taxation. As a man fathers more daughters, he will gradually be won round by their more Left-wing viewpoints.

The researchers wrote: ‘This paper provides evidence that daughters make people more Left-wing, while having sons, by contrast, makes them more Right-wing. As men acquire female children, those men gradually shift their political stance and become more sympathetic to the “female” desire for a larger amount for the public good. ‘They become more Left-wing. Similarly a mother with sons becomes sympathetic to the “male” case for lower taxes and a smaller supply of public goods”.

They found that among parents of with between two to four children who voted for Labour or the Lib Dems, the average number of daughters was higher than average number of sons. The study is backed up by recent findings in America that showed US congressmen were more likely to support gender equality policies if they had daughters. The authors concluded that parents realise the potential struggles their daughters will face and begin to sympathise with them.

Brad Pitt told a US TV show: ‘Yes, I have got family on the mind. Jen and I have been working something out. Little girls, they just crush me - they break my heart.’ Sylvester Stalone, star of the Rocky films, admitted he altered his career path and chose more emotive roles after the birth of his daughter Sophia in 1996. He said: ‘The birth of my daughter was a subtle indication of the way I should go. I want to get back to more emotional, character-driven films.’

Note: I wish it weren’t so, but dissecting leftism does not supply story links.

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