Friday, May 29, 2009

Nebraska Sen. Nelson's Resume: Insurance Executive, Insurance Regulator and Gov. of Insurance Capital of World. Reformer?

In the AP story, "Neb. Democrat becomes target of ad campaign," By Margery Gibbs, Sen. Ben Nelson tries to defend himself against those who say he doesn’t support the public health care plan option being considered in the Senate right now.

We also know that if a public option isn’t included, than reform is history, that wold leave health care in its current disasterous unaffordable state.

So how does Sen. Nelson fight back against those who have called his tepid response to the the public plan a health care reform roadblock? You won’t believe his list of defensive comebacks.

Nelson’s spokesman, Jake Thompson, issued a written statement … saying "There's no doubt Senator Nelson understands the insurance industry's important role providing health care for millions of Americans. After all, he's been an insurance executive, an insurance industry regulator, a governor who created a children'shealth-insurance program, and today he represents Nebraska, arguably the insurance capital of the world."
That’s a defense? Looks like a no vote for the pulic health care option, doesn’t it?

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