Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weather Tantrum???

What in the hell is happening to weather in Wisconsin? Sure it's Scott Walker's fault, and it's insane? Every blue splotch in the picture is a white out blizzard, broken up by sunny blue skies:

Trolls Angry too: Since the mindless "stand with Walker" trolls don't find anything in life interesting unless they can rub your face in it, let's take a look at their reaction to this post. Yes, they found a way to make this fun and bizarre weather pattern political...I wish I were kidding:

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  1. Drove from Wilmot to Ft. Atkinson late Saturday afternoon. I sequentially drove through three bands of snow (one in broad daylight), a spattering of huge raindrops, sleet and something that may have been hail that hit my car once.

    White clouds with some black ones that ominously had tendrils hanging down to the earth, and unexpected gusts of wind that rocked my car.

    Other than that, it was a nice day and because of the snow I got to wear my ugly Bernie Xmas sweater again.