Thursday, April 28, 2016

Walker is one Ghoulish Sick As**ole.

What does it take to wake the news media up? 

Scott Walker has been so upfront and fascinated with schemes to make insurance company more money soaking the sick and dying, that it stuns the senses. Every other country in the world thinks its appalling and wrong to profit from the sick. 

He didn’t want to extend Medicaid (BadgerCare) because as he said he wanted people to buy insurance. Yes, he said that over and over, and no reaction from the media. His pal Paul Ryan wants to throw more of our money into the insurers pockets by partially privatizing Medicare with no cost containment. 

Now he wants insurers to make money off the elderly and disable. JS:
Gov. Scott Walker's administration wants to shift multibillion dollar programs serving more than 55,000 elderly and disabled people from long-standing nonprofits to national for-profit health insurance companies … affecting the Family Care and IRIS programs.
And Walker doesn’t want insurers to miss a month’s worth of profits either…uh, at the request of insurers:
The Walker administration wants the Legislature's budget committee to allow the program to be implemented in coming months ... “we believe the sooner we can transition to improved services, the better off consumers and taxpayers will be," said a statement from Walker spokesman Tom Evenson.

The insurance industry wants the committee to take up the plan by the end of May. "The sooner the committee acts, the sooner reforms may be implemented, and the sooner both service recipients and Wisconsin taxpayers will reap the benefits of these needed, person-centered reforms," said a statement from R.J. Pirlot, executive director of the Alliance of Health Insurers. His group includes Anthem, Molina, United Healthcare, Humana Inc. and other insurers.
Gee, the insurer that whine it couldn’t make enough of a profit from the ACA exchanges, United Healthcare, wants in on Walker’s plan. Wonder why?

And as we all know, insurers are determined to save premium payers money, even if it hurts their profits, right? And like ObamaCare, Walker’s plan won’t DECREASE the cost of care:
The saving represents smaller cost increases than those currently projected…

In May 2015, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau said "Because the Department (of Health Services) has indicated that primary and acute care savings have already been is unclear what additional savings would be realized or other benefits gained from the integration of these services," the fiscal bureau wrote.
Oh and the other Walker connection? Let’s just say this isn’t so much that magical free market solution Republicans are always talking about. This isn’t getting government out of the way, It’s using government to get what private business wants:
Walker's former chief of staff, Eric Schutt, went to work for UnitedHealth Group this year as senior vice president of external affairs. Schutt was the top aide to Rhoades when she was in the Assembly and a co-chairwoman of the Joint Finance Committee … skeptic of Family Care. 


  1. Who voteed for this a-hole, I did once but never again!

  2. In 2014 the mother of one of my friends died. In her final hours of life she was given medication to ease her pain.

    The insurance company denied the coverage of this medication.

    If medications to ease pain are already being denied by the insurance companies, will life saving medications be denied under the great new Walker plan?

    I have no doubt that they will be denied.

    Thank you governor walker.

  3. Being forced to purchase insurance from an insurance company is called Obamacare! Yup, Obamacare. Affordable Care Act. Democrats made it law and people are seriously Fined if they don't purchase it.

  4. Said like a true Republican freeloader who gets to make health care cost so much more for everyone else. This wouldn't be an issue if you actually bought insurance. Note: Insurance isn't health care.