Thursday, April 14, 2016

Walker not governing, Fails to solve Lincoln Hills misconduct; poor treatment, racial slurs, inappropriate use of restraints, slow medical care...

What happens when you put people in charge of managing government who hate managing government? You get the kind of negligence and incompetence we’re seeing from the Walker administration.

If you didn’t already know what was really happening, then this headline today might be deceiving:
"State Officials Reaffirm That Protecting Youth At LincolnHills Is A Top Priority" … amid news that placement of troubled youth from Milwaukee at the northern Wisconsin site hasn't slowed much.
AG Brad Schimel, the bumbling Scott Walker lackey who oddly promised total allegiance to him when he ran for office (see video below), lied about improvements at Lincoln Hills:
"Schimel said concerned relatives should know the state's priority is youth safety. We have no higher responsibility as government that to take care of juveniles who are in our care."
But a little over a week ago the Journal Sentinel reported the following story that got little attention:
"Chief judge says poor treatment of youths continues at Lincoln Hills" … despite staffing and policy changes at the facility amid an ongoing federal probe of alleged abuses.
Walker, who's off flying around the country right now, apparently doesn't have time to be troubled by the less desirable youths of our state. Little has changed, as witnessed by health officials: 
Members of the county's mental health professional team interviewed Milwaukee County youths in the facility. White says the team either witnessed or received reports from youths about staff's use of racial slurs to youth; lack of therapy provided to at least one youth who has repeatedly requested it; overuse of solitary confinement, particularly for youths with mental health issues; lack of timely medical attention; and inappropriate use of restraints.
Walker's changes at Lincoln Hills were more rhetorical than real:
Corrections officials said the department has not been able to substantiate any of the incidents in her letter. "If Chief Judge White can provide additional details regarding her allegations to the Department of Corrections, DOC will investigate fully," department spokesman Tristan D. Cook said in an email.
Department spokesperson Cook isn't trying to hard:
One county team member was interviewing a DOC staff member when a youth reported hearing another inmate potentially overdose on pills. The staffer indicated a supervisor would be notified. About 15 minutes after the county member finished the interview, she heard another youth call out about the same possible overdose. The county team member said it didn't appear any DOC staff responded to the incident. Other observers have reported slow responses from staff at the youth prison. 
Here's Brad Schimel's jaw dropping promise to actively and politically carry out Walker's agenda. His challenger, Susan Happ, sadly reminds us what a real grasp of the issues was like once upon a time in Wisconsin:

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