Sunday, April 24, 2016

Like Food Stamps, Republicans want you to Work for Health Care! Oh, and getting dropped for Preexisting Conditions returns.

I hope Republicans get their ObamaCare replacement plan together just in time for the elections.
The conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC) on Friday submitted its recommendations to shape a plan ...  The recommendations come from the RSC’s already-existing legislation, the American Health Care Reform Act, which would completely repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a new system. 
I promise, it will be ugly, and Americans aren't going to like it. Who's brilliant idea was it to bring back preexisting conditions? Republicans of course, as away to protect insurance company profits, by dumping sick people into the state high risk pools with even higher premiums. The Hill:
The law would undo ObamaCare’s provision that bars insurance companies from refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions and instead set up a system of high-risk pools for them.
You'll also like their insulting suggestion only lazy people take advantage of health care subsidies. Republicans think you should work health care, pay out of pocket for all your premiums, and then wait a year to write them off as a tax deduction when you file. Not many can afford that. And tax deductions don't count as much as tax credits. Currently, the ACA deducts that subsidy off your monthly premium immediately, so you don't have to shell out money you don't have.
The proposal would replace ObamaCare’s refundable tax credits with a tax deduction, which tends to provide less help to low-income people by reducing the taxes people owe rather than allowing for the possibility of getting money back in a refund.

If you were ever faced with a hypothetical choice between a $100 tax deduction and a $100 tax credit, you would want the credit. Unlike a tax deduction, a $100 tax credit reduces your tax dollar-for-dollar($100). On the other hand, a tax deduction reduces your taxable income by $100. If you are in the 25% tax bracket, a $100 tax deduction reduces your taxes by $25.
Conservatives Lost Principles: Drug testing food stamp recipients and requiring them to work has been a Republican goal for years, now being realized in many red states, so why not health care? Their idea to block grant money to the states for Medicaid would result in the same draconian regulations and right wing social engineering we're seeing on choice and voting. We're talking about basic life saving health care. Think about it, what does working have to do with broken legs, contagious diseases, heart attacks and cancer?
The RSC argues this change would “encourage work while ensuring the federal government does not create another new entitlement program.”
Those in Poverty Dumped Again, Guess they can't Keep Their Doctors!!! Medicaid expansion would die, and so would people: 
By repealing ObamaCare, the measure would also undo the law’s expansion of Medicaid, which has provided much of the coverage gains that have led to an estimated 20 million people gaining insurance from ObamaCare. The RSC says Medicaid spending is climbing at an unsustainable rate and is too often providing care for able-bodied adults.
Yes, there's that term again, "able-bodied adults," like that somehow makes health care affordable?
House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, part of the task force put together by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), said recently the group needs “another month or so” to come up with a plan.
Almost all of these free market proposals has already been a part of our health care system before the ACA, and it was a disaster. Republicans want to go back to that:

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