Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jesus Lunch, shaping young minds with sandwiches and chips.

The arguments are now bordering on lunacy. Suddenly, minors have all the sensibilities and wisdom of mature adults. And here I thought Republicans didn't think young people were smart enough to even vote. Even more amazing is the divisive and combative ugliness of self righteous Jesus freaks turning Middleton into a religious battleground for their own selfish reasons. Yea, real community minded.

Their names are missing on their website. If you really want to see where Melissa Helbach's family is coming from, check out hubby Casey Helbach's Facebook site. Islamophobia comes to mind.

So what is their Christian message? After all, people are under the impression it's all about the teachings of Jesus, no big deal. Perhaps organizer Melissa Helbach's own kid gave us the answer, via one concerned parent:
"My daughter has had classes with one of the Helbach (sp) kids. He has openly advocated for killing Muslims as the solution to global terrorism. He's spewed hateful rhetoric while touting himself as "self made". She's been upset and frustrated by his behavior."
Another parent chimed in...
Moreover after my son criticized those comments, both cars in front of our house were vandalized. By someone. Lots of Christian behavior here...
Nice group, prince of peace message, you know. 

Rules are posted and clear
These are minors under the supervision of the school district. They protect and educate our kids, like my two sons. Who are these strangers spreading the "Christian" message, which is whatever they think it is. Imagine other groups trying to influence and indoctrinate a whole school filled with curious minors. Their parents should still call the shots, not Jesus Lunch "moms."

The following video clip is a two parter. . Think they weren't looking for a fight? This video was featured at the Education Action Group Foundation, a supposed "non-partisan" right wing group making the rounds on the Fox News Channel, The Blaze, and the Fox Business Network.

The first half recorded by Melissa Helbach's husband shows the group being greeted by Middleton's Superintendent Don Johnson, who calmly shook hands with them and asked for a little conversation.  You'll hear "talk to our attorney" a number of times. The last half (3:57) features conservative radio's biggest BSer Vicki Mckenna, who fed into the religious rights manufactured hysteria with Jesus Lunch's attorney Phillip Stammen.
This poster was handed out at the last Jesus Lunch
McKenna: "They physically blocked them, is what you're saying. They actually physically tried to block them from accessing the park? 

Stammen: "Yes, yes, they put cones in the way, and then they confronted them when they walked up, and they wanted to repeatedly keep talking to them..."
Heaven forbid we keep talking...needless to say, the superintend did little to block their efforts.

Just a note, I'm a Lutheran. One of my sons has already been confirmed, and the other is currently taking classes. We're just like any other liberal progressive church going family. McKenna, like all Republicans, have to paint a different picture to make the following hate filled comment work:
McKenna: "What the left needs to do is make believers bigots. They need to turn Christians into monsters, and they need to kill off God."

If you were wondering where the Freedom from Religion Foundation has been, well, their waiting in the's the last part of their letter to the school district:

You can keep up to date on all this at the Facebook site, All Middleton Students Deserve Respect.


  1. I heard you on Sly this afternoon.

    You continually admitted that you did not in fact know exactly what the Jesus lunch message was. You made comments to the affect that these parents are predators and Jesus Freaks. That is interesting since as you admitted you had no idea what exactly the parents say at these lunches. You also seem to be unaware of the fact that the lease issue is settled-at least for the rest of the year.

    On Monday morning, School District Officials, City of Middleton Officials, Police Officials, The Helbach Family and their Attorney had a meeting at the Middleton Police Dept. to discuss "Jesus Lunch". The City of Middleton and the Middleton Police Dept. made it clear to the School District that District's lease agreement does not give them the right to enforce school rules at Fireman's Park. The signs that say otherwise are false. The City decides what happens, not the District. End of story.

    I would like to add that many Jesus Lunch attendees complained about being harassed and bullied by fellow student protesters who were illegally smoking underage right next to those eating lunch and were deliberately blowing smoke in the face of Jesus Lunch attendees. Furthermore, student protesters were constantly giving the middle finger to Jesus Lunch students.

    I would have expected the Middleton Police Dept. to enforce the underage smoking ordinance.

    It is ironic that those calling for Jesus lunch to follow school rules were ignoring the school's smoking and bullying policy whereas the Jesus lunch was following the letter of City law.

    In your interview with Sly you said you did not want your children to attend Jesus lunch and be enticed by the message (even though you don't know what it is).

    If you don't want your young adults to go to the lunch they do not have to and you should make it clear to them that you don't allow it. If they ignore you then it's on you to discipline your children. However, it is not your job to parent everyone else's children and override their parents decision to allow them to attend a voluntary lunch event that has been authorized by the City of Middleton.

  2. The city has not authorized the event. They have chosen allow the event to continue but it is certainly not a city-sponsored event. if the parents choose to hold an event that attracts all types of students, then they are responsible for maintaining order. As everyone has said, it's a matter of freedom, etc. If the organizers can't maintain order, they shouldn't expect the city to bail them out.