Monday, March 26, 2018

Voters choose Lives over Gun Rights.

We continually let gun losers get away with their numbnuts 2nd Amendment argument that they have a right to bear any and all kinds of firearms. 

Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment does it guarantee an individual's right to bear a particular model or style of firearm. If it did, a gun manufacturer could be sued for infringement for simply discontinuing a specific model.

Also, the government could designate a specific gun as the official weapon of the U.S., banning all others and still fulfill the intent and new activist meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Which leads me to this revelation, where Fox News couldn't even push poll this to further their agenda. Odd isn't it that Republicans aren't even close to the will of the people on guns, yet aren't being held accountable:

A majority of voters in a new poll thinks it is more important to prevent gun violence than to protect gun rights. A Fox News poll finds
1. 53 percent of respondents think it is more important to protect citizens from gun violence, compared to 40 percent who think it is more important to protect the rights of people to own guns.

2. 91 percent support requiring criminal background checks for those who want to buy a gun.

3. 84 percent support mandatory mental health checks.

4. Nearly three-quarters of voters also support raising the minimum age to buy all guns to 21.

5. 69 percent support putting armed guards in schools. 

6. 57 percent of voters oppose a proposal to arm teachers.

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