Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Republicans leave Wisconsin's Hollowed Out Education Carcass on Roadside.

Scott Walker policy decisions are finally coming home to roost as we predicted. 

Republicans Hate getting a College Education: Republicans are obsessed with defunding state colleges, the supposed hotbed of liberal indoctrination, because every great mind and innovation that made the U.S. the world power it still is today...well, that just wasn't good enough. It's onto job training and tech schools folks.

After 7 years of Scott Walker, the collapse of our state colleges has now begun:
Chancellor Bernie Patterson said UWSP is facing a “perfect storm” caused by declining enrollment, 15 years of state budget cuts, and the state imposed tuition freeze.

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students held a sit-in in front of the chancellor's office on to protest the planned elimination of academic majors in the humanities (like) American studies, art, English, French, German, Spanish, philosophy, political science, history, geography, geoscience, music literature and sociology. The cuts come as the school faces a $4.5 million structural deficit.
Colleges turn into Tech Schools: 
UWSP officials are also planning to add or expand majors in 13 mostly technical fields. Andy Felt, a professor of mathematical sciences, said “an entire swath of majors will not be available."  

Democratic Party candidate for governor Mike McCabe said, "To shrink the mission of a university and to say that it really is just about getting people ready for the workplace is a huge mistake, and what's happening at UW-Stevens Point, I think, is like the canary in a coal mine. It's a sign that there's something toxic.”

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