Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dog-whistles Gone, NRA Justice Candidate Screnock said of Rebecca Dallet: "What she's calling values is a liberal activist agenda." Wow!

The first candidate debate for the Supreme Court came and went without a single headline declaring candidate Judge Michael Screnock the wildly conservative activist we thought he was, all brought to us by the deep campaign pockets of the NRA and Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce lobbyists. 

Why reporters didn't jump all over the comment featured below is stunning. No, seriously, you won't believe it.

Screnock first suggested he and his big monied conservative financiers had a lock on "Wisconsin values" like "honesty, integrity, hard work, follow the golden rule....those are values," because liberal Wisconsinites don't also have those same values? If that wasn't bad enough, Screnock dived headfirst into Trumpian cesspool:
Screnock: "What she (Dallet) is calling values, is a liberal activist agenda. She's talked about workers rights..."
Ouch? Workers in Amerca have rights? Who wants that? Guess the corporate takeover of our courts is nearly complete:

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