Monday, March 26, 2018

Republicans free Walker from ever filling vacant legislative seats, obeying courts if he wants!

UPDATE -Tuesday  6:30 pm: Walker did not get a delay on his delay to hold special elections...yes, he had the balls to even ask:
A Dane County judge Tuesday told Gov. Scott Walker he must quickly order special elections to fill two legislative seats that have been vacant since December. Circuit Judge Richard Niess noted the legislation to avoid the elections is slated to be taken up without voters from those districts having representation in the Senate and Assembly.
"They have no say in that bill at all." 
"No court that I’m aware of is at liberty to ignore the law in order to facilitate the Legislature’s consideration of bills that might become law. When and if a legislative bill becomes the law, it can be brought to the court and at that time the arguments can be made as to what the effect of that law is on an already pending (litigation)."
From both WISC and WKOW TV:

Reporter: "Governor Walker is also making history being the only governor to go this long by not calling a special session (election)...from 1971 no governor has left a seat in a legislature this long, and for more than a year. To date, this is the longest any county has gone without representation without representation."
Let me see if we have this right:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker might be able to ignore a judge's order and stall special elections for the Legislature, under a bill GOP leaders hope to rush through the statehouse ... The legislation says it would overrule any election order from either Walker or a court.
Wait, ah, run that by us again...
The bill they released Monday would eliminate the requirement that Walker call such elections promptly and give the governor wide latitude to decide whether and when to do so.
So thanks to the juvenile act of Walker's pouty legislative leaders, the governor doesn't really have to do his job? 

Sounds to me like the next Democratic governor could leave as many Republicans seats open as long as he/she wanted, the entire term basically, or never fill them. 

Summing this up perfectly:
"This is outrageous and as crooked as a bag of snakes," Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) said in a statement. "The governor had every opportunity to call for a special that could have aligned with the spring 2018 election, so this is not about saving money."
Here's the whole story

Remember, this has nothing to do with saving money or that former Attorney General Eric Holder helped bring the case, it's about representation and angry voters losing that:

Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) said his constituents think special elections should be held for two legislative seats that have sat open since December. One of the two vacant seats is an Assembly district that lies within Olsen's Senate seat. "Let's just say I've been getting a lot of calls and emails from my constituents," Olsen said.

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