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Former Corrections Sec. Wall on Walker: "Suddenly there was a bravado...this feeling of entitlement and it felt almost like revenge."

I think former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall said it best about Scott Walker and his band of plundering Republican pirates when they overthrew the government. WKOW-TV:
Wall: "Suddenly there was a bravado amongst people, and this feeling of entitlement,  and it almost felt like revenge. And they were going to make big bold changes and they didn't care if anyone agreed.

Revenge-Entitlement: So it's not hard to imagine Republicans ignoring 100,000 Wisconsinites protesting and the more than 1 million signatures to recall Scott Walker. The Republican majority was hell-bent on pushing through their no-compromise ideologically driven policies, so it was pretty damn obvious "entitlement" ruled the day.

Ed Wall is now putting the finishing touches on a book dealing with his experience as Secretary of Corrections, and it confirms everything we ever thought about Walker's handling of it, and just how bad his bumbling lackey in the AG office is, Brad Schimel:

Gov. Scott Walker’s former corrections secretary said the attorney general had “completely botched” a probe into abuses at Wisconsin’s teen prison by failing to review incident reports or check medical records after months of investigation. Former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall said Attorney General Brad Schimel passed off the investigation to the FBI a year after it began as a “Hail Mary pass” to “get it out of their lap.” Wall also contended Walker had not taken problems at Lincoln Hills School for Boys seriously enough, saying the matter had been “shuffled off by the governor’s office.”
Retaliation? Isn't it funny how all criticism aimed at Republicans, from Scott Walker, Brad Schimel, to's all just sour grapes and retaliation? Who knew Republicans were infallible?
A spokesman for the GOP attorney general on Tuesday contended Wall was attempting to "retaliate" against Schimel with "misinformation" but did not answer whether Wall's claims that investigators failed to review medical records were true.
AG Schimel's only talent is kissing up to Walker, and he's really good at that, but he sure doesn't know how to do an investigation or solve important legal problems:
Wall said he found out in November 2015 that Department of Justice investigators had not gathered medical records or prison reports about incidents in which teen inmates said their arms had been broken by staff. Wall expressed alarm that investigators had not taken those basic steps to try to verify the claims."What’s more important than (investigating) hurting kids?" Wall said during his WKOW interview.
It's all Wall's fault: Isn't it always someone else's fault, the "other," the immigrant, the Democrats, those liberals, minorities...never a whiny Republicans fault. But wait, Lincoln Hills is still a Wall is still at fault too?
Schimel spokesman Johnny Koremenos (said) "Unfortunately, in a sad attempt to retaliate, Wall is peddling misinformation to distract from his failure as secretary of the Department of Corrections..."
...and I loved this:
"...the fact that law enforcement needed to be brought in to conduct a criminal investigation into the institutions that he was responsible to oversee," Koremenos said in his statement.
Remember when Wall said "Schimel passed off the investigation to the FBI a year after it began as a 'Hail Mary pass' to 'get it out of their lap.'” Why did Schimel end the investigation? Scott Walker conveniently and deliberately eliminated it, and has since not paid a price for Lincoln Hills:
The state John Doe probe of Wisconsin's juvenile prison ended Monday under a law Gov. Scott Walker signed last year limiting how such investigations can be conducted. The John Doe probe of Lincoln Hills would hit the six-month mark on Friday. Attorney General Brad Schimel and Lincoln County District Attorney Don Dunphy did not seek an extension, and Russell closed the John Doe probe, saying the state had asked to end it.
You can't make this stuff up. Here's the full interview:

Wall still might have to explain this...
CCI staff have often said that when concerns about safety and security are brought up to management, the response from Warden Mike Dittman and DOC Secretary Edward Wall is “there are 1,000 people in line to take your job.” In one meeting with legislators in October, Wall reportedly responded to a comment that more staff would be leaving in the next year by saying, “I don’t care. Let them go.”
Jakes Economic TA Funhouse posted a story about how Walker's Act 10 brought about the problems at Lincoln Hills, which is another reason why Walker's steered clear of whole mess. First...:

Lincoln Hills- even worse than you thought. And definitely a Walker failure. Nov. 12, 2017 (6,570 pageviews).

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  1. So it's not hard to imagine perpetually pissed-off Peterson ignoring Wisconsin voters electing and re-electing Scott Walker not once, not twice, but three times. That is what democracy looks like.