Monday, January 29, 2018

Trumpian White Evangelicals say "A lot of people don't like him, and are out to get him..." and Trump "is the pastor of the nation."

Wanna know why "Christian" Evangelicals are about to become the punchline for every well deserved joke and attack? Because they're phonies. Headline-Washington Post:
‘He’s not God’: In the wake of porn-star allegations, most evangelicals stand by Trump
There are some shocking and creepy Christian statements rationalizing their love for Trump. This is just how poisoned their religion has become now that it's become a political arm of the Republican Party. There's a reason for the separation of church and state.
A Washington Post-ABC News poll released this month found 68 percent of white evangelical Protestants approve of Trump’s job performance Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said last week Trump should get a “mulligan” for the alleged liaison Storm Daniels.
The Ends Justify the Means - Jesus? White Evangelicals are now getting what they want, at the expense of other religions and those not so religious. I've come across the following comments hundreds of times, and that's why I'm putting it in writing and featuring this short video clip from All in with Chris Hayes:

1. Prominent evangelist Franklin Graham said Christians are not looking for Trump to be “pastor of this nation.”

2. Tammy Napier, 53, a cashier in Hartville, Mo.: “I think a lot of people don’t like him and are out to get him any way they can. I’m from Missouri, the ‘Show-Me State,’ and I’m, like, ‘Show me the proof.’ ”

3. Allen Cannon, who lives in Ovett, Miss., and works for the county transportation department, said Trump needs to be held to a human standard: “I’m not saying he didn’t do it. I don’t agree with it if he did. But after all, he’s not God. So if he was God and was president, then I’d have a problem. That is the only being who is sin-free: God. You have to take the good along with the bad. In my view, Donald Trump’s good outweighs his bad.”
4. Marva Burke of Sugar Creek, Mo., “We just thought it was another block in the roadway,” said Burke, 68, an evangelical who characterized Trump’s detractors as “nitwits who are trying to block him on everything.”

5. Dan Perna, a wine distributor from Vermont, mostly praised the president for making the country “safer and more prosperous” and credited him with supporting people’s right to say 'Merry Christmas.' This is a Christian-based country, and it should continue. It’s continuously trying to be dragged in a direction it’s not. You want to have sharia law, go to fricking Iran; leave me out of it.”
Here are the destructive acts supposed "Christian" Evangelicals are celebrating: 
1. An executive order easing enforcement of the so-called Johnson Amendment, which restricts political activity by churches;

2. Signing legislation to give states the right to end funding of Planned Parenthood;

3. Nominating conservative judges, including Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court;

4. Moving toward withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran, which Reed called “a dangerous and bloody regime committed to the destruction of Israel.”
I thought this comment summed it up perfectly:
I grew up down south in the days when most Evangelicals were convinced that the most important issue for the faithful was "States Rights" and "Forced Busing".

So really nothing has changed, these are people pretending their invisible sky daddy shares their racism and their fear. They will insist they love Jesus while they violate everything he taught. A friend once told me that the most dangerous heresy in the world was also the simplest, the move from "Christianity is what I believe" to "What I believe IS Christianity". Jesus Weeps.

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  1. I was raised as a Lutheran evangelical, and my political beliefs make it now difficult to belong to my church. It's not that I'm against God or Jesus, but truly wonder about how our church has adopted the Karl Rove and "moral majority" scheme of things.

    The church has been used as a means to force it's members to think in a certain political way. From my perspective, Trumps' views or Scott Walker's tongue-wagging pentacostal or monied-Baptist thinking are counter to most people's lives. Advancing the four horsemen of the Apocolyse just seems counter-productive to me and my brain (that can't be as commanding your acquiescence as Trump & Walker demand).